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Ahmia2014_006smOur primary focus at the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley is helping companion animals find new families. Often times, when animals  find themselves at shelters they need help overcoming behavioral challenges. This is the main reason we started our Behavior and Training Program. We want to give every animal the best opportunity to find the perfect home.

Our behavior and training program focuses on helping people and their dogs understand each other better. Our program utilizes your dog’s natural and instinctual drives to encourage the behaviors you like. Every dog is different and our program offers a flexible curriculum to suit every families individual needs. We believe every dog deserves training and enrichment.

Ahmia2014_008smOur behavior and training specialist, Ahmia Bennett, has been competitive in dog sports since 2006.  She has earned several Canine Good Citizen titles, a BH title, a CD title and is actively expanding her knowledge. She graduated for NJC in 2008 with an equine management degree.  She has also has been active in PSA, detection work, tracking and agility with her personal dogs since 2009.  Ahmia Bennett believes that training your dog is a important part to keeping your pet happy.

Benefits of training: Training helps your dog gain exposure to new environments and other dogs. Training helps build confidence and  helps you strengthening the bond between you and your dog. A well trained family dog allows guests to feel comfortable when visiting. Having a well behaved pet is a joy to take to public events, parks, and kids sporting events.

Training provides an excellent foundation for fun activities such as Rally, Agility, Flyball, PSA, Therapy Dog Work and results in a well-mannered dog who is a joy to live with.Ahmia2014_001sm

Our six week group class gives you all the skills needed to pass your Canine Good Citizen Test

We give you all the tools you need to train your dog, so that the training you and your dog get will last a lifetime! 

We hope to see you in a class soon!

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Fees: $125 for a 6 week training course, $100 for dogs adopted from HSSPV

To contact our behavior specialist please email