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Plan For Your Pets
April 16, 2020

We understand that these uncertain times are daunting, and we urge you to remember we are all in this together. That includes our four-legged friends, as well!

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Pet Portrait Fundraiser
March 31, 2020

We'll do our best to draw your pet! Check out the fundraiser details here.

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Social Distancing
MARCH 18, 2020

This is certainly a daunting and challenging time, but there is one upside: it’s a great opportunity to adopt a new pet!

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Our Favorite Forevers: Bono + Mulder
OCTOBER 15, 2019

Bono and Mulder originally came to us in 2017. They had no socialization with people and were basically feral.....

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Our Favorite Forevers: Moe
JULY 22, 2019

Moe and his two brothers (Larry & Curly) were abandoned and brought to HSSPV as strays....

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Socializing Your Puppy: When and How to Make a Lasting Impact on Your Dog’s Behavior
FEBRUARY 12, 2019

Along with house training and getting an early start on manners training, socializing....

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