2014 Summer Appeal

12 year old Cyrus headed to his new foster family’s home

12 year old Cyrus headed to his new foster family’s home

Dear Friend,

It’s heartbreaking when senior pets end up in a shelter.  They’ve spent most of their lives with a family they love and a home of their own.  They hold out hope, every day, waiting and waiting for their family to come, the family they miss and love so dearly.  But their family never comes.  They are passed over by other families who are interested in a younger pet,  a pet that will be a part of their family for many years to come; a pet that won’t have medical complications in the near future; a pet that they won’t have to suffer the loss of in the near future.

15 year old Mag relaxing in his new home

15 year old Mag relaxing in his new home

It takes a very special family to welcome a senior pet into their home.  These families understand that their time together will be limited and possibly difficult, but these families also realize that they have the opportunity to give these pets the special gifts of comfort, companionship and love in the last few years of their life.  And in return, these families will receive the unconditional love of these special friends.  Their time together may be short, but infinitely rewarding.  We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to these families for helping and loving these special old souls and braving the difficult emotional challenges of old age.

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Senior pets have so much love to give.  Please help us continue to give these special friends the time and medical attention they need to find that special family that will fill the remainder of their lives with love and kindness.

Now is the time to help. We have a generous donor that has pledged to match every contribution made during this campaign up to $10,000!  Together, we can continue to provide love, hope and care to our senior friends.

Thank you for your faith and kindness.  We encourage you to turn the page to learn more about Mag and Cyrus.  Their stories are touching examples of how we can help senior pets find love and happiness in their golden years.  Please, open your hearts and give today.

The animals are so blessed to have friends like you!

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Cyrus’s  Story q

Cyrus found the most wonderful family to spend the last months of his life with.  This beautiful family took Cyrus in about 3 weeks after he was surrendered to the shelter.  Over the last few months, Cyrus played with the kids at the summer camp and loved his daily hikes.  He enjoyed the company of the family’s other dogs and he was showered with all the love and kindness he deserved after living a long life.  Cyrus was surrounded by all his new loving friends when he passed away in late July.

We are so grateful to this family for giving him the opportunity to live out his life in a loving home





magsMag’s  Story

This lovely family had originally visited HSSPV in hopes of finding a kitten after the loss of their beloved cat Willie to medical complications. As soon as they walked into the cattery, they met Mag, a 15 year old gentleman. They knew immediately that they were not going home with a kitten. Mag was so loving and affectionate and purring at the drop of a hat. He melted their hearts. He has settled into their home with their other cat and dog very nicely. He is still pretty active for an old man, and has some sass to go along with his age! He does have IBD but is managing it well with some medication and a limited ingredient diet. This family encourages anyone planning on adopting a pet to always consider the senior animals. They have so much life and love to still give!!  They are so grateful that Mag is in their lives!