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When you foster for HSSPV, you can provide a temporary home to an animal in need. Sometimes, animals in our care require medical or behavioral attention before we adopt them out to the public. Sometimes we have puppies and/or kittens that need to stay in foster homes until they are old to be adopted. Additionally, some of our animals just don’t do well in the shelter due to fear and anxiety. We prefer to place these animals in foster care so they can have a chance to rehabilitate and relax. The length of stay required for each foster varies.
Fostering is a fun and flexible way to volunteer with HSSPV. We will only match you with a foster animal that fits into your home and lifestyle. HSSPV will provide food and other supplies you might need to care for the foster pet, and you will be fully supported as a foster by staff, volunteers, and other foster families at HSSPV. Best of all, you will make a meaningful impact on the life of a homeless animal in our community.

Check out these resources for more information about how fostering works and tips if you plan to open your home to a foster animal.

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If you have further questions regarding becoming a foster parent for HSSPV, please send an email to volunteer@hsspv.org