Behavior & Training

We believe in teaching your dog the skills they need to live the life you’ve always dreamed of together.  We want to help your dog so that they can enjoy more freedom with you.

At the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley we utilize the science of animal learning to teach animals how to understand cues.  We then introduce distractions so that your dog can perform these cues in real life scenarios.

Training your dog will build confidence, communication and strengthen your dog’s bond with you. Providing your dog with an education is essential to making your dog an active member of you family. When your dog learns to walk on the leash without pulling, you will see how much more you both enjoy walks together. Well-behaved dogs lead happier and more full-filling lives.  

We will give you the tools to be your dog’s best friend, companion and educator. We work with owners to develop training plans that directly address your dog’s concerning behaviors.  We offer group obedience classes, private classes and if you don’t need a whole class you have the option to set up a behavior assessment.

In addition to helping members of the community with their dogs, our training program also focuses on the dogs in our care at the shelter. HSSPV prioritizes working with our dogs during their stay with us with the hope of increasing their chances of being (and staying!) adopted. With a little guidance and education from our training staff and volunteers, our dogs are prepared for a smooth transition into their new lives. Check out the video below for a glimpse into the world of the Behavior & Training program for shelter animals at HSSPV.


Meet Our Trainer: Ahmia Scott

     Back in 2015, Ahmia was previously the resident trainer at our shelter where she trained and rehabilitated dogs with an assortment of behavior problems. She helped to successfully integrate dogs into their forever homes.  During this time Ahmia also developed the shelter’s curriculum for dog training for public classes and taught lots of owners how to help their new dogs adjust. She left to pursue a career as an animal protection officer. To our excitement, Ahmia decided to return to HSSPV in October 2018 to once again offer her training expertise to our community.

     Ahmia has earned several Canine Good Citizen titles, a BH, and a CD title.  She owned, trained and handled the only Neapolitan Mastiff to ever earn a IPO (shutzhund title) he is also the only Neapolitan Mastiff to ever earn a W.P.C.A. Title and through that association she has earned multiple SWD1 & 2, BST, CST1 &2 Titles.

     Since then, Ahmia has continued training dogs, teaching owners and competing in dog sports. Her experience and skills shine through with her impressive results which is why we are so proud to have her on our team.

To contact our behavior specialist please email