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We are resuming in-person classes! We will also continue to hold our Online Basic Manners class via Zoom meetings and Facebook groups. We also offer a Manners and Reactivity class for dogs with reactive behavior that meets online via Zoom Meetings for half the class, and in outdoor locations for the second half. See below for more information and to sign up!

Please email if you were already signed up and have been waiting for in-person classes to reopen – you will need a code to re-register.

Dog Behavior & Training in the Denver Metro Area - Lisa working with husky | HSSPV

At HSSPV, we believe that training classes for you and your dog will help you to build a lifetime of trust and communication that will strengthen your bond, allow for more freedom, and make your lives together more enjoyable for years to come. Our training methods are founded in science and consent-based training. We use motivation and positive reinforcement to teach animals to offer us the behaviors we cue. We teach you how to take your training out into the real world by distraction proofing what you and your dog have learned. Your dog will also learn manners like loose leash walking, polite greetings, and staying engaged with you during your walks. We offer group manners classes (basic, puppy and advanced), specialty classes for dogs with reactive behavior, behavioral assessments, and other classes and workshops throughout the year.

Scroll down for our current class offerings and links to sign up for classes!

Manners and Reactivity Class

The Humane Society of the South Platte Valley is proud to offer our hybrid Manners and Reactivity class, for dogs that tend to get too excited, growl, whine, bark and/or lunge when on leash. This often occurs when they see another dog, but could happen with other triggers as well.

This class consists of seven one-hour lessons that meet once a week. The first four classes meet online via Zoom Meetings. There is also a private Facebook group for discussions, feedback, and Q&A. The last three classes meet in outdoor locations. This class covers the Four Components of modifying reactive behavior: Staying under Threshold, Survival Skills, Training Foundations, and Counterconditioning and Desensitization. You will receive comprehensive training and hands-on experience to set you and your dog up for enjoyable walks in the future. This class does require the separate purchase of equipment.

Enroll in Manners and Reactivity Class (see calendar below for dates).

7 group classes (Public – animal not from HSSPV) = $200

7 group classes (HSSPV adopter) = $160

Manners and Reactivity Class - Dog | HSSPV

On-Site Manners Class

On-Site Manners Classes - Lisa working with dog | HSSPV

Join us for on site group manners training classes: Basic Manners, Basic Manners Puppy, and Advanced Manners. Held on-site with social distancing measures in place, your dog will have the opportunity to practice ignoring distractions like strangers and other dogs and start focusing on YOU! In these classes, we will cover sitting politely for a greeting, come, focus, leave it, heel, sit, down, and stay. The level of difficulty is aimed at your dog’s current age and abilities. Classes are one hour long and held once a week for six weeks, for a total of six group lessons.

Enroll in Basic Manners, Basic Manners Puppy, or Advanced Manners (see calendar below for dates).

6 in-person group classes (Public – animal not from HSSPV) = $125

6 in-person group classes (HSSPV adopter) = $100

Online Basic Manners Class

Online Basic Manners Class | HSSPV

The Humane Society of the South Platte Valley is excited to offer Online Basic Manners via Zoom meetings and private Facebook groups.

Each class consists of five one-hour, live, online lessons that meet once a week via Zoom Meetings, with homework and Q&A in between via a private Facebook group. The sessions are similar to in-person classes, but you participate from the comfort of your own home. You will need a laptop, portable webcam or phone camera for this class. This class covers sit, watch, come, down, stay, touch, loose leash walking, leave it, heel, and tricks.

Enroll in Online Basic Manners Classes (see calendar below for dates).

5 online group classes (Public – animal not from HSSPV) = $125

5 online group classes (HSSPV adopter) = $100


HSSPV offers training and behavior workshops to the public throughout the year on a variety of topics, such as stranger danger, reactivity, and focused training. See our calendar below for upcoming workshops.

Enroll in HSSPV Workshops.

Prices range from $50-$100 per workshop for the public, $45-$90 per workshop for rescues and HSSPV adopters.

In addition to helping members of the community with their dogs, our training program also focuses on the dogs in our care at the shelter. HSSPV prioritizes working with our dogs during their stay with us with the hope of increasing their chances of being (and staying!) adopted. With a little guidance and education from our training staff and volunteers, our dogs are prepared for a smooth transition into their new lives. Check out the video below for a glimpse into the world of the Behavior & Training program for shelter animals at HSSPV.


HSSPV Trainer Lisa Korf

"Training opens the door to a lifetime of trust and communication between you and your dog." - Lisa Korf, CPDT-KA

As the Behavior & Training Manager at HSSPV, Dr. Lisa Korf has many years of experience helping animals to find their forever families. She is passionate about teaching animals and their handlers how to work as a team to build communication and trust. Lisa holds a Ph.D. in mathematics, which makes her particularly good at problem-solving. She applies these problem-solving skills to her passion in animal welfare, behavior and training. She has been active in the rescue community since 2007, devoting her time to rehabilitating and training rescue dogs, and educating volunteers, foster parents, and adopters.

The training classes she leads primarily utilize positive reinforcement to promote teamwork between handlers and dogs. In addition to training, she has worked with behavioral issues including leash and barrier reactivity, separation anxiety, and resource guarding. Always expanding her knowledge base, Lisa is currently working towards her Diploma in Canine Behavior, Science, and Technology through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute, and her Certification in Behavior Adjustment Training. She looks forward to making a difference at HSSPV and helping to improve the canine-human relationships within the community.

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